Maximum Entropy on the Mean

i m tring "rMEM" method, this method return error. (see attached screenshot)

Can you please share an example dataset so I can try to reproduce and fix this error?

  • Right-click on the subject folder > File > Duplicate subject
  • In the duplicated subject, delete all the files that are not necessary to reproduce the error. Keep the MRI, the selected surfaces (in green), the channel file, one trial and the associated source file that causes this error
  • Right-click on the duplicated subject > File > Export subject
  • Upload the .zip file somewhere (dropbox, google drive...) and post the download link here


thank you francois
here is my data:

Please make your example dataset smaller, delete all the files that are not necessary to reproduce the error.
I'm currently working remotely on a limited 4G connection...

here is my new data after deletion:

Bests regards

I loaded the subject you sent me and could display the sources by simply double-clicking on it:

Try reloading the subject, there might something wrong in your database (right-click on the subject folder > Reload)
If you have any other program in your Matlab path that may interfere: remove them from the path and restart Matlab.

What version of Matlab are you using?

I realized after running this test that there was the warning Error: Matrix F contains NaN values, replacing them with zeros. Please check your data files in the Matlab command window.
Your epochs contain NaN, which is not allowed in Brainstorm, and possibly not handled correctly.
Mark channels as bad or add bad segments in the files, but do not replace the original data with NaN.
Please check your pre-processing pipeline to fix the custom code you used.

I also noted that the source file contains complex values in the ImageGridAmp field. This is not valid and not expected by many of the processing functions, which can cause all sorts of issues.
Why do we have these complex values here? This is a question for the MEM developers.
@youneszer @klack @RChowdhury @tanguy @Lina @cgrova @aliobaibk ?

I used the 2016 version of matlab

I checked with 2016a on my Win10 laptops and it works, so the version of Matlab is not what is causing the difference (the file can be open on my computer, but not on yours).

The file you shared need to be recomputed anyway, make sure you reload your database and try to fix the points I mentioned.

@youneszer @klack @RChowdhury @tanguy @Lina @cgrova @aliobaibk
Is there anybody taking care of the support of the MEM code at the moment?