Mean Frequency calculation

How to calculate Mean frequency value of MEG data?

Can you point at the description of the method you'd like to use?
Or describe better what you are trying to do?

Do you mean peak frequency? that could be so useful! :slight_smile:

we are trying to see the difference between Healthy control and AD patients.
We would like to measure RP, PSD and Mean Frequency of different bands.

What do you mean with "Mean Frequency"?
Please point precisely at the methods you'd like to use.
This is the paper describing mean frequency as one of the parameters , defined as the frequency which
comprises 50% of the power.
I just wanted know if this could be calculated using Brainstorm.
thank youimage

No, you will not find any menu to compute this measure in Brainstorm.

But it seems relatively easy to implement: Contact the authors to ask them to share the processing scripts they used for this publication (if not published with the article), read the signals as Matlab matrices with Brainstorm then write your own scripts to compute this measure.

I have completed the pre-processing of MEG data in the brainstorm and after which have imported the data to MATLAB, however in MATLAb its saved as Struct file as in the image.
For further analysis of the data, which of these represents time-series data? i was considering 'F' file as time series data. please correct me if i am wrong.
i am trying to calculate entropy and complexity measures.

thank youScreenshot 2021-03-23 114037

Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion. Will try and contact the authors.