MEM source imaging on invasive recordings

Hello everyone. I'm trying to solve the inverse problem starting from invasive data (ECoG and sEEG). I was wondering if it was possible to use a MEM approach on this type of recordings and if it makes sense to do so in your opinion. I tried to do some tests but at the moment BESt only accepts EEG/MEG recordings.
Thanks for your suggestions.

This is a question for the MEM developers:
@cgrova @aliobaibk ?

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Thanks! I will await for their response.

Hello , for now we cannot apply cMEM or wMEM to ECOG or SEEG data , especially because I think this should be associated with more advanced source space combining surface based and volume based models, which is not accepted right now for cMEM/wMEM but this is in our future plans, thanks for your interest