Merging multiple PSD graphs

Hi everyone!
I am trying to analyze the effect of a certain drug on continuous EEG recordings.
I standardized the PSD of drug condition to the baseline using the z-score, and would like to combine all these z-scored PSDs onto one single graph. Is that possible?
Another option would be to average the z-scored PSD and have the standard deviation, but the standard deviation does not show up on the graph when I try that.
Thank you for your help!

You can select multiple files in Process1 and use the process "Extract > Extract values".
Select the channel(s) you want to get in the same file and select the option "Concatenate signals".

Great thank you! And is there any way I can average and have the standard deviation on PSD graphs??
Thank you for your quick response

No, I'm sorry, this hasn't been implement yet.

It is probably not too complicated to do this directly in Matlab.
Export the PSD values to Matlab (File > Export to Matlab) and plot the .F and .Std values.