Merging several protocols together

Dear Francois,

I wonder if there is a possibility to merge together several protocols created on different devices? Our group had split up the data in three parts and each part was processed separately on different computers. Now we need to combine the results in one protocol. Is there a way to do this?
Thank you in advance.

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Dear Anna,

Yes, it is possible, but be very careful with this, backup all your data before trying. Let’s say you want to merge on computer A the data that is currently on computer A and computer B.

  1. On computers A and B, make sure the protocols are configured in exactly in the same way (the options of the subjects you get when you right-click on a subject > Edit subject)
  2. On computer A, make a full copy of the protocol folder
  3. On computers A and B, menu File > Remove protocol > Only detach from database, then close Brainstorm.
  4. Copy the procotol folder from computer B to computer A
  5. On computer A, merge the two protocol folders manually (copy files from computer B to folder from computer A). If you have the same subject names or some files in the @default_study and @inter folders: do NOT replace the files brainstormstudy.mat and brainstormsubject.mat.
  6. Delete the file protocol/data/protocol.mat
  7. On computer A, start Brainstorm, then menu File > Load protocol > Load from folder. Select the new merged protocol folder
    It should work, good luck.


Dear Francois,

Thank you very much for the quick reply! It helped.

Best regards,