Merging several protocols together

Dear Anna,

Yes, it is possible, but be very careful with this, backup all your data before trying. Let’s say you want to merge on computer A the data that is currently on computer A and computer B.

  1. On computers A and B, make sure the protocols are configured in exactly in the same way (the options of the subjects you get when you right-click on a subject > Edit subject)
  2. On computer A, make a full copy of the protocol folder
  3. On computers A and B, menu File > Remove protocol > Only detach from database, then close Brainstorm.
  4. Copy the procotol folder from computer B to computer A
  5. On computer A, merge the two protocol folders manually (copy files from computer B to folder from computer A). If you have the same subject names or some files in the @default_study and @inter folders: do NOT replace the files brainstormstudy.mat and brainstormsubject.mat.
  6. Delete the file protocol/data/protocol.mat
  7. On computer A, start Brainstorm, then menu File > Load protocol > Load from folder. Select the new merged protocol folder
    It should work, good luck.