Micromed clinical sign

Hi François
I'd like to have the name of the clinical sign in the label of the events when switching to SPM (we loose the notes then). Could you please update out_fopen_spm.m?
like this or similar (line 50)
D.trials.events(i).type = sFileIn.events(iEvt).label;
if strcmp(D.trials.events(i).type,'Clinical sign')
D.trials.events(i).type = ['Clinical sign - ' sFileIn.events(iEvt).notes{iOcc}];

also the duration of the events should be the opposite
D.trials.events(i).duration = sFileIn.events(iEvt).times(2,iOcc) - sFileIn.events(iEvt).times(1,iOcc);
and not
D.trials.events(i).duration = sFileIn.events(iEvt).times(1,iOcc) - sFileIn.events(iEvt).times(2,iOcc);

Hi Olivier,

I implemented this here:

Please update Brainstorm and let me know if this works the way you expected.