Missing: spm12/toolbox/cat12

I'm trying to import the subject anatomy, after downloading CAT12 and SPM12. This is not possible because i cannot set the SPM12 path in the Brainstorm preferences. thisi is my screen immagine, that is different from what tutorial shows bacause FieldTrip toolbox and SMP toolbox Folders are not present.

If you are using the compiled version of Brainstorm, you won't be able to use CAT12 from Brainstorm.
If you don't have a Matlab license, you can't execute Matlab code that was not "compiled" using the Matlab Compiler together with Brainstorm. This is why you don't see any option to connect with external Matlab-based toolboxes.

Some basic SPM and FieldTrip functions are embedded directly in the compiled version of Brainstorm, but not the advanced CAT12 toolbox.

@CGaser Have you been trying to compiled CAT? Do you distribute a stand-alone version that users without Matlab could run?

I will provide a compiled version for CAT12 if the Beta stage is finished in the next few weeks...



Hello, are there any updates to this? Thank you

The compiled version of Brainstorm can’t run CAT at the moment, but maybe there is an updated version of the compiled CAT you could run independently from Brainstorm.

The standalone version of CAT12 can be downloaded here: