Mixed head model - Coherence group analysis

I am facing a problem when performing group analysis after computations using mixed head model. Indeed, I can project sources (the cortex only for the time being) into a common template anatomy (subcortical structures are automatically excluded). However, if performing "iCoherence" analysis using Hippocampus as seed for instance, then it is not possible to project the coherency maps into the common template. It crashs because of matrix dimensions mismatch. I think this is due to the hippocampus, in this particular case, that is not considered into the coherency maps.
Do you have any idea to exclude the subcortical structures (surfaces and volumes) and to only project the cortex into the common template? Thanks.

Hi Arnaud,

There is no menu in the interface that would let you extract only one structure from some results obtained on a full brain (cortex + subcortical region).
I don’t think the interface is going to let you project any connectivity measure on the template either.

What you could do is project to the template and then run your coherence analysis. Did you try this?
If you have error messages, or things you don’t understand, please post the full messages and/or screen captures to illustrate your questions and issues.


Hi François,

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately I cannot project to the template and afterwards compute the cortical/subcortical coherence as the subcortical structures will not be projected. Only the cortical coherence can be computed then.

Do you think there is an easy way to write extra coding lines within “bst_project_sources.m” and to extract these cortical coherence values (I guess within “ResultsMat.GridAtlas.Scouts”) and to project them into the template? Thanks again.