Montage Editor GUI Error

The GUI for the montage editor seems to have broken somewhere. It worked for a while but then started erroring out and I haven't been able to figure out what is wrong. I can no longer use the montage editor window. Updating both Brainstorm and MATLAB did not resolve the issue either. The warning is as follows:

Error using matlab.internal.math.qhull
QH6214 qhull input error: not enough points(3) to construct initial simplex(need 4)

While executing:  | qhull Qt
Options selected for Qhull 2010.1 2010/01/14:
  run-id 298257459  Qtriangulate  _pre-merge  _zero-centrum

Error in convhulln (line 64)
[k,vv] = matlab.internal.math.qhull(x', opt);

Error in channel_tesselate (line 48)
Faces = convhulln(coordC);

Error in panel_montage>GetMontageScd (line 1481)
    tri = channel_tesselate(pnt);

Error in panel_montage>GetMontage (line 1021)
                sTmp = GetMontageScd(sMontage(iScd), hFig, []);

Error in panel_montage>UpdateMontagesList (line 480)
    [sAllMontages, iAllMontages] = GetMontage([], hFig);

Error in panel_montage>LoadFigure (line 440)

Error in panel_montage>EditMontages (line 826)

Error in panel_montage>@(h,ev)EditMontages(hFig) (line 1658)
    gui_component('MenuItem', jMenu, [], 'Edit montages...', [], [], @(h,ev)EditMontages(hFig));

Do you have any advice?

Hi @mrsh0res, thank for your report. This is now fixed at commit: 9499e9f
Please update your Brainstorm instance to get the fix.

You may want to check the locations of your EEG electrodes.
This error was prompted when the Source Current Density montage was computed, but the data had less than 4 unique locations for the EEG electrodes. Now, it that is the case, the SCD option is not shown.