Moving Brainstorm Database folder

Hi All,
I know we aren’t supposed to move the brainstorm database folder, but I need to due to server issues. How can I do this?

Thanks a lot,
Sarah Carpentier

Hi Sarah,

You can easily move the currently selected protocol by doing the following:

  • In Brainstorm: File > Delete protocol > Only detach from database (does not remove any files, just tells brainstorm not to manage this folder anymore)
  • With your terminal or file manager: Move the folder “brainstorm_db/protocol_name” somewhere else
  • In Brainstorm: File > Load protocol > Load from folder: and go select your “protocol_name” folder at its new location

Moving the entire database, is equivalent to moving each protocol individually. The faster way to do it is:

  • In Brainstorm: Do “Only detach from database” for each protocol in your database
  • When your protocol drop-down list is empty, move the entire folder “brainstorm_db” to a new location
  • In Brainstorm: File > Import database, and select your “brainstorm_db” folder at its new location


I have multiple BrainStorm databases (research, phantoms, patients, removable drives, etc). Francois answered here the elegant way to politely detach, move, and import a database, maintaining your preferences.

I’m more impatient (grin).

A fast but not so elegant way to restart BrainStorm with a different database is to quit your brainstorm session, then, at the Matlab command line enter

brainstorm reset

which wipes out your customizations and database link (but only the link, the files are undisturbed).

Then move the database to a new server location, or (in my case) attach the disk drive with your other BrainStorm database you want to use.

Launch BrainStorm again, and this time, when asked by the initialization routines, open the root folder of your other database, and BrainStorm will attach and import your files.