MRI upside down when opening channel file

I have a MRI file with ".mri" format. Since Brainsuite cannot open files with this format, I transformed it into ".nii" using Brainstorm. After exporting it to my local hard disk, I loaded it into Brainsuite and finally get a set of brainsuit sverg files. However, when I imported these files into Brainstorm and loaded the "meg4" files, the channel file showed a upside down picture as following:
I know the risk of manual registration of MRI. Is there any method to solve this problem? What's happening when I use the following sequence: Braingstorm(.mri to.nii)-->Brainsuite(.nii to .sverg)-->Brainstorm(.sverg with .ds files).

LPA and RPA are incorrect.

Indeed, you probably got mixed up when setting LPA and RPA points when import the BrainSuite folder in Brainstorm.
Delete your subject, import again the anatomy and make sure you select correctly the LPA point on the side that shows the ā€œLā€ label. Change the orientation option in the MRI viewer to work in the convention you are the most familiar with (neurological=left hemisphere on the left of the image / radiological=left hemisphere on the right of the image)

Thanks for your kindly suggestions! Now I have the files with correct direction.