Multiple subject surfaces with Brodmann atlas

Hi, I'm trying to get head, skull and cortical surfaces with the Brodmann atlas segmentation for 8+ individuals. I have found public databases for MRIs and can generate BEM surfaces for these but cannot get the Brodmann atlas on the cortical surface. Any advice on what am I doing wrong would be very helpful.

Alternatively, are there any public databases with 8+ subjects that can be imported into Brainstorm with these surfaces and the Brodmann atlas already delineated?

Thanks! Jon

The Brodmann cortical parcellations are computed only by FreeSurfer:

Do you have any issues running FreeSurfer on these MRI volumes?

Thanks Francois! I was hoping to avoid FreeSurfer if possible. Are there any atlas with defined V1, MT aside from Brodmann that can be more easily run from Brainstorm on Windows?

I should add that the MRI I am using are all T1 only if that changes my surface and segmentation options.

You can check in the CAT12 atlases if anything matches the ROI you want:

Thanks for the suggestion. When I try to run CAT12 MRI segmentation on the MRI data is says it cannot identify CAT12 version: please re-install it. This is strange since it is green lit in Plugins and seems to have the most recent update. When I try to update CAT12 it downloads but ends with a permission error while trying to install. Any idea on where permissions for these updates might live?

Have you checked this section of the tutorial:

If you can't find any help there, please post all the error messages you get.

That helped thanks! I had to change to admin in matlab and update CAT12 (even though it said it had the same version).