Multiscale Entropy Analysis

Hoping to conduct multiscale entropy analysis on EEG data in Brainstorm. Is this feasible? Are there plugins I can install?

Additionally, after importing BrainVision data into Brainstorm, 11/15 files will display time series, while the remaining 4 are returning the attached error?

New Brainstorm user and early career researcher. Truly grateful for any guidance!

Hi @TCreel,

As the time being, there is not a plugin for MSE in Brainstorm, it would be a good addition for future development. Thus, for now you could create a new process to perform the task:

About the four problematic files:

  • Can you open them with BrainVision software without troubles?
  • Do this happens when the data is Review as raw or data is already Imported?
  • Is the the same error you get for the four files?
  • Could you us a file so I can have a look at it? (Upload them somewhere else and share the link)


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