MUSE EEG reading other locations

Dear brainstorm experts: I am very interested in proposing this idea. I have an EEG MUSE system and I think we can take an even more advantageous opportunity if we move the standard position of muse to read the posterior part of the brain and the parietal areas as well. Minimum with this 2 positions repeating the same paradigm so the stimulus stays the same we can obtain 8 rather than 4 sensors data. Which has been proven to be not as accurate as high density eeg but at least better than doing coherence or inverse solution out of 4 electrodes. Is there any way to allow for reading of different csv files with the information of 1 file for 4 sensors in the original muse position and 2 or more files with varying only 2 central sensors original AF7/AF8 to occupy P3 P4 and O1 O2 or equivalent even cerebellar. The hard work in my opinion would be transforming the data the rest is already coded in brainstorm. Right now what I do is transform the different csv in excel and matlab and numpy array to make a ".fif" MNE Python file so brainstorm can read. But the amount of work is way much more than just giving the csv and probably and I making mistakes in the way you wouldn't. Thank you for your answer in advance!

I'm not sure I understand what your technical challenges are.
If you just move the electrodes, why would you need to reformat the files? don't you just need to rename the channels and move the sensors at a different point on the scalp?

If you want to process simultaneous recordings from multiple Muse devices, you may need to reinterpolate one on the other and then concatenate the data matrices. This can't be done from the interface, you'd need to write a Matlab script for doing it.

All the data structures are documented in the introduction tutorials:

thank you for the answer!! I then need to rename the channels of the different raw.csv files. I just meant to use one device but changing the positions in the head. Different times same stimulus.

Dear community:

I would like to know how can I set up the location for AUX channel from Muse device in Brainstorm. I have tried this approach. I have chanched channel type to EEG from AUX 'Edit channel file'. Also I moved the position from the one showed by default with MRI registration > Edit. For that I had to give AUX some coordinates exporting channel file to matlab changing it manually and importing it again then repositioning with visual guidance the EEG. The ideal is the closer to Iz that is where I positioned the EEG. Of course I don't think this is a good approach because I cannot knot where Iz without measurement is positioned. I used MNI standard anatomy template and not aligned 1005 65 position for eeg.

Thanks for your help in advance!

I would like to know how can I set up the location for AUX channel from Muse device in Brainstorm

I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand what you are asking here.
From the rest of your post, it looks like you exactly know how to edit the positions of your electrodes in Brainstorm.
If you setting a few Muse electrodes positions on a template head, there is nothing that is an "accurate position" anyway.

And for what purpose do you need to set positions?