N2pc component source localization

Hello, dear software engineer

I want to do source localization the component of N2pc. At present, i have calculated N2pc in brainstorm, but i do not know how to compute sources.

N2pc is a difference wave of some paied electrodes.The posterior scalp electrode recording site on the opposite side of the searched target stimulation site produced a larger negative component of 200-300 ms than the ipsilateral recording site, called N2pc. The N2pc is defined as the difference between target's location contralateral and ipsilateral waveforms , which was made explicit by constructing a contralateral-minus ipsilateral difference wave.

I have calculated N2pc by construct two clusters, but it seems cannot compute sources of this component.Any help would be much appreciated!


If you havent had a chance to yet, a first good step is to read and do all the main tutorials for source estimation in BS, and review past source estimation questions/answers on the BS list. After having successful source estimates with the tutorials, try it with your n2pc erp data. You should be able to make source estimate files for each single subject condition grand average and go from there. Isolating specific components and then source estimating them may require special processing at sensor or source levels.