New install, montages not loaded

Hi. New to brainstorm - thank you for such a valuable open source tool!

I am running through the tutorial at the moment, and I am unable to see any of the pre-loaded montages. Is there somewhere I can download these?


Pre-loaded montages are available in brainstorm3\toolbox\sensors\private.
But they are... preloaded... you shouldn't have to do anything else.

Please post screen capture including your entire desktop showing:

  • the file you are displaying in the database,
  • the opened in the file viewer (continuous MEG signals)
  • the drop-drown montage menu from the Record tab, so we can see what's in it

Thanks for such a fast response. I don't seem to have the toolbox folder - it was not included in the binary download?

See screenshots:




Thank you for the screen captures.
I could track that in the compiled version of Brainstorm, the default montages where indeed not read anymore. I fixed this and recompiled Brainstorm:

Please download the updated version from the Brainstorm website and try again.