Nihon Kohden 10K file to EDF

Hope everyone is well.

Anybody having trouble with clock time when exporting to EDF with NK Workbench recorded 10K Hz files?

I'm trying to do some heart rate analysis using Kubios HRV Premium 3.0 and when I import the EDF generated the clock times are off by 6 hours 47 minutes, for example.

Both files are the same length, just that something is causing the clock times to shift. I confirmed this in EDF browser.

Any ideas?

Links below for reference

Have you tried reading the NK file directly in Brainstorm and exporting it as EDF (or other formats) from there?

I'm trying to review the file from a disc instead of importing the SEEG into Brainstorm because the files are so long/big (around an hour per recording). Brainstorm just locks up when I try to import something that big, which is fair since the files are so huge and I just need the EKG channels, so it's a very round about way of doing this analysis.

I don't think there's any difference in the data going from the original NK file, then using the file->export to file option to generate the EDF, other than the clock time shifting.

It should just be just calculating that time shift when I go to do the EKG analysis in the Kubios software, but just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience. Right now the only way I can find to convert these SEEG/10k Hz files to EDF is Brainstorm. Thanks Francois, hope everyone is well.

Noah Andrews