NIRstorm: Importing NIRx files

Dear all,
after using Brainstorm for many year with MEG and EEG data, I would like to explore its capabilities in processing fNIRS data. However, I already have problems importing my raw data. :slight_smile:

I have a pilot dataset recorded with the NIRx NIRSport 2 system and the Aurora fNIRS 2023.9 acquisition software. When importing the .snirf file into brainstorm, the channel locations are rotated and I do not understand how to correct this. The coordinates given in the channel file correspond with the information provided in the digpts.txt file of the Aurora output. However, I suspect that the reference points may not be compatible.

[Channels should be located over left and right temporal lobes]

Can somebody help me with this? I saw some old discussions on the topic, but those did not really help me. I attached a .snirf file and the corresponding digpts.txt file.

2024-05-28_002.snirf (1.6 MB)
digpts.txt (808 Bytes)

Thanks a lot!

Hi Sebastian,

Please update your Brainstorm instance and try again.

There was bug when reading landmarks from the SNIRF, fixed in: e4ea4a5

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Dear Raymundo,

thanks a lot for fixing the problem so quickly. It seems to work as intended now!

Best regards,

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