NIRX data format

I would like to use nirstorm to analyze fNIR data collected with a NIRx NIRScout system. I have converted to .nirs file format and have been looking at this github page:[WIP] NIRX Probe Setup Importation · Nirstorm/nirstorm Wiki · GitHub There are a couple links mentioned in the text that aren't there, and I'm wondering if there are updates? I am having special difficulty with my event trigger data at the moment.

@tvincent @cgrova: suggestions?

I am having the same issue. To be specific, in the github Wiki mentioned in the original post ([WIP]-NIRX-Probe-Setup-Importation, Author: Robert Stojan), it says:

"To do so, you just need to run the matlab file (ProbeImportNirx.m provided here: TO DO: download link) in Matlab and choose the respective .nirs and .probeInfo file of one exemplary subject of your experiment. "

Does anyone in your team have this file and could provide a link to it? Thank you so much for your help!

Please, how were you able to convert to .nirs file. I'm currently working with a .hdr fNIRS file and I'm quite a novice in this area. I'll appreciate you response

I am also having the same issue. Could anyone from the team, please provide the link?

@edelaire, any suggestion regarding this data format?


I dont know what that file is, unfortunately and I dont have the contact of Robert Stojan who wrote that page.

You can try the following script from Nirx:

Also, if you have access to the recording software from Nirx, you should be able to directly export the data to snirf which is now the accepted format for nirs data instead of .nirs.


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