NIRX data format

I would like to use nirstorm to analyze fNIR data collected with a NIRx NIRScout system. I have converted to .nirs file format and have been looking at this github page:[WIP]-NIRX-Probe-Setup-Importation There are a couple links mentioned in the text that aren't there, and I'm wondering if there are updates? I am having special difficulty with my event trigger data at the moment.

@tvincent @cgrova: suggestions?

I am having the same issue. To be specific, in the github Wiki mentioned in the original post ([WIP]-NIRX-Probe-Setup-Importation, Author: Robert Stojan), it says:

"To do so, you just need to run the matlab file (ProbeImportNirx.m provided here: TO DO: download link) in Matlab and choose the respective .nirs and .probeInfo file of one exemplary subject of your experiment. "

Does anyone in your team have this file and could provide a link to it? Thank you so much for your help!

Please, how were you able to convert to .nirs file. I'm currently working with a .hdr fNIRS file and I'm quite a novice in this area. I'll appreciate you response