No results for a statistical test


I tried to compare the power spectra between trauma (n = 17) vs non-trauma (n=19) participants and ran a permutation test. The results showed only a blank page without any p-values. Can you help?


Maybe you don't have anything significant in this contrast.
To make sure that the data was properly computed: In the stat tab, set your p-value threshold to 1 and set the correction type to "Uncorrected".

If you still don't see anything, there might be some issue in the file computation or the file display. Let us know as it would require some more debugging.
Make sure you don't have any error message that appears in red in the Matlab command window when computing or displaying the results. If you have an error message, please copy-paste the full text here.

Hello Francois,

You were right. When I deselected some of the FDR parameters, I could see t-values on the chart. Thanks for the tip!