Non-parametric Time Frequency Analysis Error


This is my first use of BrainStorm so my apologies if this is already addressed.

I have encountered an error while running non-parametric test (ft_freqstatistics) on a EEG dataset.

My process files contain TF maps(Morlet Wavelet) between 5-30 Hz, ERSD normalized, downsampled to 150.

My settings for ft_freqstatistics are as follows:
The EEG segments are from [-300 ms - 1993 ms].
Number of Randomizations : 1000
Cluster based correction, min number of neighbors = 2 and cluster alpha = 0.05.


Can someone please point me in the right direction.

There could be something unexpected in your database.
My guess is that you don't have any channel file defined for these files. But the channel files are necessary for calling this process, since the channel/sensor information is not duplicated in the time-frequency files.
Copy-pasting the channel files from the original folder where these files came from might fix your problem.

I added a test for generating a more readable error message in this case:

Thanks for the fix. The channel files were present in the folder with eeg but were not marked as common channel files for the TF decomposition.

And it's better this way!
You can easily copy-paste the files between folders (Right-click>File, or CTRL+C/CTRL+V)