Official launch of the “EEGManyPipelines” project

Dear EEG researchers,

We have the pleasure of officially launching the “EEGManyPipelines” project.

This project is inspired by other recent projects involving many independent
analysis teams to investigate how different analysts approach a given data set and how analysis approaches affect the obtained results. This project aims to extend this novel initiative to EEG research. We believe this to be particularly important in the case of EEG data, as compared to other neuroimaging research, analysis pipelines are less standardized and have more degrees of freedom. EEG is the most widespread tool in human neuroscience research with a significant impact on research in all fields of psychology and cognitive neuroscience, which, we believe, makes the EEGManyPipelines project a timely and crucial endeavour that we hope will benefit a large part of the cognitive neuroscience community.

Currently, we are expecting to open registration for the project during summer 2021. For more information about the project and to sign-up for our newsletter, please visit our website at

For any questions or comments, please write to

Best regards,

The EEGManyPipelines team