Opening ROSA files in Brainstorm

Can I open ROSA .ros trajectory files in brainstorm?

You would like to extract the theoretical SEEG contacts positions from the ROSA surgery planning file and load them as the electrodes positions in Brainstorm, is this correct?

No, it is not possible yet, but this is something that would be interesting to add.
I had looked at these .ros files at some point, and it was not obvious how to get 3D positions for the SEEG contacts from it.

Do you know any way to read these files in Matlab?
Or in any open-source environment?
Are you in close contact with the manufacturer or reseller of your neuronavigation system? You could ask them for help with this...

Dear Francois,

I also have the same question if it's possible to import ROSA file into BrainStorm.
I found the Curry can do this thing, please visit

When I look into the .ros file, I found some information following which looks like the A electrode location information.
A 0 255 1 61.076486 4.570315 -2.714674 1 18.119594 -4.147615 6.042875 160.000000 2.000000

Looking forward this function to be added to BrainStorm. :slight_smile:


It would be possible to add a support for the ROSA .ros files in Brainstorm, but we'd need some proper description of the file format, describing all the values in there and the coordinate system used.
Even if we can read the 3D positions, we need to know how these positions relate to the reference MRI.

If you are a ROSA customer, please contact the customer support asking for information about the .ros file format and/or Matlab functions to read these files.

I just came across this thread and thought I share my own solution for this problem:

I developed a tool to extract the trajectories from .ros files and put them in the correct reference frame!
Here is the code. It has an external dependency on SPM12 for the coregistration later on, but it will allow you to parse the .ros file! It is important to note that you will always need the .ros file and at least one volume in the DICOM folder, which is added when you export!

This is great, thanks for sharing this solution!
However, this is difficult for me to implement it in Brainstorm if I don't have an example dataset to validate what I'm doing.
Would it possible for you to zip an example dataset (.ros + DICOM) and share it with as a private message on this forum (or via email)?