OpenMEEG error issue

Hi all, I have a problem with OpenMEEG after downloading the newest version . It gives me a dimension problem ( I 'm using the anatomical folder from freesurfer)
Unable to perform assignment because the size of the left
side is 304-by-45006 and the size of the right side is

Error in bst_openmeeg (line 450)
Gain(OPTIONS.iMeg, :slight_smile: = om_load_full(meggain_file);

Error in bst_headmodeler (line 470)
[Gain, errMessage] = bst_openmeeg(OPTIONS);

Error in panel_headmodel>ComputeHeadModel (line 647)
[OPTIONS, errMessage] = bst_headmodeler(OPTIONS);

Error in panel_headmodel (line 27)

Error in panel_protocols>TreeHeadModel (line 1156)
[OutputFiles, errMessage] =
panel_headmodel('ComputeHeadModel', iChanStudies);

Error in panel_protocols (line 44)

Error in
(line 2271)
gui_component('MenuItem', jPopup, [], 'Compute
head model', IconLoader.ICON_HEADMODEL, [],
I reinstalled the bst newest version and installed manually OpenMEEG ( I use win64 btw). Can you tell me what to do to fix the problem?
Thanks in advance

I suspect a mixed up between files from old openmeeg and new ones.

this also occurs if you recompute the full head model with openmeeg? both head matrix and dipole source matrix?

if so please share the openmeeg files (.geom and .cond and .tri files passed to om_assemble).


openmeeg.cond (84 Bytes)
openmeeg.geom (280 Bytes)
erroropenmeeg_1.tri (161.2 KB)

This happened again ( different PC,). I tried also the Linux version and it allowed me to do the model without errors. Apparently this happens with Win64 version. Can I fix the problem, or use older version?
Thanks in advance