Option to view "2D Sensor Cap" doesn't render in the PSD file

Hello all,

I wrote a custom process script to compute PSD. The output file contains the same kind of fields as one may find using the BSD's default Welch analysis. However, upon right-click on the PSD file, I do not see the option to view the 2D sensor cap (Ctrl + T).

Strange enough, using the same custom process file, everything works fine for a different EEG dataset with a different number of channels and sampling rate.

My question is - in the script, which parameter should I look for, to render the "right-click" options as done by the BST's Welch method.

Thanks in advance.

You probably need to check the filename as well.
You can also use the Matlab debugger on tree_callbacks.m to check step by step what menus are displayed in the popup, and why.

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Hello @Francois, Thanks for your help, I was able to figure out the bug in a short period of time. It was also a learning experience. Apparently, the issue was with assigning the channel names due to which the variable "AllMod" was empty! Have a good day!