PAC Error "Array dimensions must match binary op"

On the "MEG resting state and phase-amplitude coupling" tutorial page, when running the PAC estimation step, the error "Line 29 ./ Array dimensions must match binary op" appears. How could this be resolved? Thanks.

The steps in the tutorial seem to be working properly.

Please point to the specific step that is resulting in the error and post the full error message.

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Here is a screenshot of the error:

Which are the parameters in the PCA process GUI?

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Here is what is seen:

I put in MN:MEG(Constr)2018 in the files to process since inputting something else did not yield the "use scout," scout selection, scout function etc. options that is seen in the PAC pipeline editor.

Yes, the Scout options are only Source files.
Did you try to run the process without selecting the Use compiled mex-files... option?

By chance, are you running Matlab2023b on a mac with their M1/M2/M3?
If you are not sure, with Brainstorm open, execute this line in the Matlab command window, it will get that info:

fprintf('OS: %s, MatlabVer: %d\n', bst_get('OsType'), bst_get('MatlabVersion'));