Partial least squares (PLS) shuts down

Dear community:
I have been trying to run PLS with 11 events from each process A and B corresponding to finger tapping left or right a key of the keyboard. Still I don't know if it's a memory issue. Matlab shuts down!! What can I do?

Is it even a good number of events?

To verify if it is an RAM issue, open the Activity Monitor (in macOS) and see the memory usage while running PLS.

Are you able to follow the PLS tutorial steps without any trouble?

I will try and let you know.

I could finally make it work. Both tutorial and my data. My question now is about seeing the results. I can see only one condition. Let's say everything is red or yellow but not blue. What can I do? Not absolute values is marked. So it has 3 ranges and also I selected amplitude to 25%.

I would also like to know how can I get contact sheet with the proper millisecond below the brain image for each brain. When I obtain the contact sheet I don't have the number of milliseconds for each brain.

Check this link:

I have done that and it still doesn't give me the numbers or the time in milleseconds for each brain. I am using 2023a in a macOS M chip. May be it is related to that?

Can you share a screenshot of the result?

Sure!! I don't see many options to choose time below. May be it is matlab version 2023a. MacOS M chip.

can you check if this is ok?

This is already on review within the Brainstorm team.
You could see the proposed changes in here:
Contactsheets for 3D-slices behave as 3D-surfaces by rcassani · Pull Request #706 · brainstorm-tools/brainstorm3 · GitHub

@andraderenew, this feature is now available in Brainstorm.
Update your instance to get it.


thank you so much!!

could you explain what to do to see 2 conditions in my brain?

Please open a new thread for a different question. This helps other users to find relevant questions.

Moreover, provide detailed information regarding the question, so we can have the right scope.

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