Permanent Engineer position in MEG signal processing

MAG4Health company ( is looking for one engineer in signal processing. You will play a crucial role in developing algorithms, methods, and tools to transform a set of signals recorded by our sensors (quantum magnetometers initially developed at CEA-Leti) into images that synthetically present information useful to physicians for clinical use across various applications of our device. You will work under the responsibility of our Chief Medical Officer.
You will find more details in the attached file
Please reach out for more information, inquiries and application
[Ingénieur traitement de signal imagerie_english.odt|attachment](uplo
Ingénieur traitement de signal imagerie_english.odt (47.4 KB)

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Hi Labyt

Thanks for approaching.

Let me know how I can apply for same

You can send your application, CV, letter to

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Hello, Labyt!

Thank you for this opportunity!

I have sent you my CV.

Best Regards, Andrey Chupakhin