Phase amplitude coupling across regions - IRtPAC

Hi there BST members,

The below is a screenshot from this paper on cross-frequency coupling in tinnitus which I am trying to replicate. It shows Fz as fP (phase frequency) and Cz as fA (amplitude frequency). I note from Brainstorm process that the only way to conveniently replicate this figure is to use the process "Time-resolved Phase-Amplitude Coupling > Inter-regional tPAC".

Here I have 4 questions:

  1. Is it possible to do inter-regional PAC calculation using the process PAC (based on MVL)?
    Nothing from the PAC tutorial and the user options in the process PAC would indicate that this is possible but I just wanted to double-check.
  2. I note that the inter-regional tPAC process can only compare ONE seed to MANY sources/sensors. Is it possible to do MANY seeds to MANY sources/sensors like connectivity analyses?
  3. In the second photo what does the content in the red square mean? I couldn't find this in the tutorials.
  4. I am frequently getting the following error message (third photo). This occurs when I try to open a file computed from the extract comodulogram from tPAC map process - what does it mean and how to solve such an issue?

Please note the irPAC process is not supported presently.
We encourage you to look directly into the code. Sorry we cannot be more helpful at the present time in that respect.

No worries - thanks for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:

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