Phase amplitude coupling_Subtraction and Statistics


I calculated PAC values but can not do subtraction and statistical analysis.


Any solution?


PAC files are not supported by most of the Brainstorm processes.
If you need to do any additional processing on these results, you can do it in Matlab directly.

See the following tutorial:

@Sylvain @Samiee FYI

@MartinC: can we make it happen?

Thanks Francois.

I also calculated Amplitude Envelope Correlation. It was possible do run statistics on these, although normalization did not work.

Several analysis related to pac are available in its sub-menu (Frequency > PAC), e.g. average, z-score, ...
If you need something more than what is available there, it should be implemented in matlab as Francois suggested.

Thanks Samiee. I was only able to compute PAC. It was not possible to calculate z-score, actually new file is created but does not open. Bellow is an error message: