Possible request for a cluster function?

Dear Brainstorm team,
I note that the current list of cluster functions offered by Brainstorm is as follows:

This is a great compilation of functions and I would like to suggest having RMS measure in it as well which I think will be a good addition to the current list (both in sensor and scout levels). What do you think?

To give an example, the below two graphs are the Power and RMS output from the cortical auditory evoked potential shown further below. The Power output was made from the Brainstorm cluster function and the RMS output was made with Matlab (through coding of Data = rms (Data,1) to take the rms value across all channels for each time point) and drawn with Excel. What I am thinking of is having an RMS cluster function that can be used similarly like the Power cluster function.

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RMS has been added as Scout function: commit de84a95

Keep in mind that as the Power (scout power function) is the average power, then:
RMS = sqrt(ScoutPowerFunction)


Hello @Raymundo.Cassani thank you very much for this prompt addition - appreciate it :smile:

Hello @Raymundo.Cassani Raymundo is it possible for the RMS function to be also added as a cluster function?

RMS is now available, commit: 769e61d
Update your Brainstorm instance to get the new feature

It has the same formulation as RMS for scouts:

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