Problem importing BrainVision format EEG data


I encountered an issue with events while trying to review raw EEG data recorded in Neurone Bittium exported in the BrainVision EEG data format (.eeg, .vmrk). When I import the data through Neurone Session folder, the events are present whereas when I import the data that I exported in BrainVision format, the events are not getting imported. I even tried manually importing the event file through 'Add event from file'. It says 'No events found in this file'.

Thanks in Advance,
Sainath Murali

The issue is apparently with this line in the marker file.

[Marker infos]

In the in_events_brainamp.m file the following line of code checks for uppercase 'i' in Infos.

elseif ~isempty(strfind(newLine, '[Marker Infos]'))
    isMarkerSection = 1;

changing this line to the following fixed the issue for me.

elseif ~isempty(strfind(lower(newLine), '[marker infos]'))
        isMarkerSection = 1;

This has been addressed in commit f357a60
Update your Brainstorm instance to get the fix.

Thank you for the update Raymundo!