Problem with channel selection in PSTH

Hi, following the tutorial online i tried to plot a PSTH for my condition, but i can't select the channel i want to display because I don't have any drop-down box in the display tab to choose the channels even if they're already marked as "good or bad". How can i plot the PSTH only for the channel i want?

Hi @GianlucaGamberinu,

For the PSTH file related to each trial. It's possible to select the desired channel, and the [Enter], this will create a new figure with only the selected channel.


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Thank you very much, does it exist a way in which I can visualize the PSTH for the whole condition instead of the single trial? As if I do that as it is said in the tutorial for "PSTH per neuron" and then delete the channels that i don't want?

  1. Once the per-trial PSTH have been compute you can average all the trials in a condition
    Average > Average files

  2. Then extract the desired channel from the trial-average PSTH. This can be done either:

  • With selecting the channel and pressing [Enter] (the PSTH for the specific channel is shown but not saved in a file)
  • With the process Extract > Extract values, this will create a new file with the PSTH for the specific channel

Thank you very much, i tought that but i wasn't completly sure. Sorry for the inconvinience but if i can ask another question is there a method in which i can plot the single channel PSTH per condition? (in the sense of with conditions on the Y axis for every single channel)

There is always a way in Brainstorm :wink:

It's very similar as in the post above:

  1. Compute the trial-average PSTH for all condition. Drag in the Process1 all your trials, and in the the Average process select Group files: By trial group. This will give you the one trial-average file per condition.

  2. Place all those trial-average files (there should be one per condition) in Process1 and use the Extract values process. Be sure to select the option Concatenate signals (dimension 1)

The resulting file will have the trial-average PSTH for each condition for a given channel

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Thank you very much, that was very useful! And inside the average can i select the channel i want in a faster way than manually select them?
Thank you so much

Do you mean to select the channel in the Figure? (So the traces goes red):
bst_figures('SetSelectedRows', 'YourChannelName')

Do you mean to extract the PSTH for all conditions for an specific channel? (And doing this for all channels):
It's possible to automated the process from above by scripting, see this tutorial on how to make this: