Problem with viewing subjects on Linux

I’m having a lot of problems with subjects randomly disappearing in my protocol, or problems with subjects not going away after I delete them. For example, I created a digitized subject by clicking file --> digitize, and then I immediately removed them. The folder has been there for days now, even after I restart brainstorm or matlab. If I try to rename the folder, I get an error message saying “Folder “anat/Digitize” does not exists.”

Similarly, the subject that I’m currently working with randomly disappeared and I can’t access their anatomy anymore. The subject was called “Subject01” and now when I try to create a new subject with that name brainstorm gives me an error message saying “Subject “Subject01” already exists in protocol”.

I’ve attempted re-installing brainstorm before as well as the brainstorm_db file but I’m still getting errors like this nonstop.

Thanks in advance


I’m sorry for these issues, but this is difficult to help you or fix anything in the software without a clear reproducible error. If you manage to reproduce the errors you describe in a consistent way, from the protocol creation to the error, please report it to me (detailed sequence of clicks you do + copy-paste the full error messages).

A few suggestions to help you work around these issues:

  • Never use the protocol created by the Digitizer interface for anything else than digitizing electrodes positions
  • If anything goes wrong in terms of data structure: right-click on the database folder (top-level folder in the database explorer) > Reload
  • Reset Brainstorm by typing “brainstorm reset”, and after that do not reload the existing (probably damaged) database folder, but create a new one, and create new protocols in it.

If you need to load your older protocols again:

  • Delete all the folders brainstorm_db/protocolname/anat/Digitize and brainstorm_db/protocolname/data/Digitize
  • Delete the file brainstorm_db/protocolname/data/protocol.mat
  • Load the protocol with the menu File > Load protocol > Load from folder.