Problems importing mff. files

Hi there,
we have soe problems to import mff-files.
we record on a 256 channel EGI-system and two additional physio-channels (Physio-box).
we load the dafyult cap Colin26-EGI-GSN HydroCel256 E001(256), which displays the electroe positions correctly on the brain sourface.

wehen we then go to "reveiw raw file" there is an error:

Line 155: mff-import (line 155) Number or PNS raw data channels is not equel to nomber of PNS channels
Call stack <mff_iport.m at 155

in-fopen:mff.m at 59
in fopen.m at 115
import_raw.m at 126
bst_call.m at 28

we already tried to delete all the pns channels from the .txt files as if it never was recorded, but this also did not work.

do you have any idea, what else we can try?

The library used to read this file format is developed and maintained by Arnaud Delorme.
I reported your problem as a new issue on the mffio library github repository:

Could you share an example file?
(upload it somewhere and post the download link here, or directly on the github issue)


The issue was closed with this comment:

Hi Francois,
I think I have fixed that issue recently. I noticed that the person did not share a datafile which makes it hard to reproduce. I will issue a new release next week and if I do not have negative feedback within a month, I will send you the updated code,

If you want to submit and example file, it would help both EEGLAB and Brainstorm.

I updated Brainstorm to use the new version 3.1 of the library mffmatlabio:

Please update Brainstorm and try again.
When trying to import a new .mff file, it should download the new version of the library automatically.