Problems in Tutorial 22: Source estimation


I had some problems when computing the average. Specifically, I did not generate the documents of "AvgStderr: deviant" or "AvgStderr: standard" in my "Intra-subject" folder, and my pictures of source averages in 90 ms (all amplitudes = 20%) are a little different from the sample picture, too. Here's my screenshot.

What could be causing this and is there a way to change it? Thanks a lot.


It seems there is not problem at all. To resemble the figure in the tutorial, make the following changes to match the visualization:

  1. Set the colormap to jet
  2. Manually set the range from 0 to 138 pA.m
  3. Set the amplitude threshold to 24%

Left (Figure from current Brainstorm) and Right(Figure in tutorial)

Thank you for your reply.