Problems viewing source location with MRI viewer

Dear Francois and friends of the Brainstorm team

Im currently working on analyzing data from a developmental study. I got access to a data base of MRI scans for children and manage to compute my head model with the brainsuite program. I build the model and it works well when i project the sources on the 3d brain model.

However when i try to view the source location using the MRI viewer it shows only red (or blue) dots on the image (see image attached). Is there any way to solve this issue?.

Thank you very much for your help.

Best Wishes

Joan Paul

PS: i dont know why the platform dont allow me to add the attachement ¿?

Dear Joan Paul,

It is difficult to say whether it is a data problem (the values in the file are wrong) or a display problem (they are not represented correctly).

To check if this is an OpenGL bug, go to File > Edit preferences, and try to select "OpenGL: Disabled"
To check the values in the file themselves: right-click on the file > File > Export to Matlab, the plot the values contained in the field .ImageGridAmp with any of the Matlab tools, to identify if there is a problem somewhere (for examples, if all the values are equal).

Make sure you don’t have any issue with the colormap configuration: right-click on the figure > Colormap > Try different options (or simply “Reset”)

About the uploading of images: I’m sorry we are currently upgrading our webserver, some services are not working well.
If you want to send me a screen capture, please do it directly by email, or upload the image somewhere and post the link to it here.