Problems with automatic updates and downloads

Dear users,

We've been experiencing issues with the SSL certificate of our web server recently (more details here).

As a consequence, the automatic updates of Brainstorm might fail on your computer, if you are using a version of Matlab older than 2019b. If you see any error message indicating a problem with your internet connection:

We apologize for the inconvenience.
The Brainstorm team

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I'm still have problems with DuNeuro Fem computation: a warning message "Could not get current online Bst_Dunero" or something like that, Should I reinstall Brainstorm?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, as said here, you should download a new version of Brainstorm from the website.
(or use a newer version of Matlab, or use the compiled version of Brainstorm based on Matlab 2020a)

it works!