[process_headmodel] Error: "Nothing to process..."

I am honestly at a loss here. So basically, when I compute head models on my EEG data by right clicking the channel file or folder, it works just fine. But if I drag that folder into the process box, it gives the error:

[process_headmodel] Sources > Compute head model
Nothing to process...

I have simultaneous MEG and EEG data (not combined) and the MEG computes fine by right-click or by dragging into process box. I have the MEG and EEG in separate participant folders, but the anatomy is the same between them. I just imported these EEG events today, so I'm not sure if something changed or what.

Please let me know if you have an idea of what's going on. I can, of course, supply sample data if needed.

Thank you!!

  • Kathryn King
    Neurosciences Research Center, Cook Children's Medical Center

Hi Kathryn,

This error only happens when the method is empty for all the modalities.

Could you share some screenshots of?

  • Your database
  • Computing the headmodels (for MEG and EEG) with the right-click menu and with the process options

Yes, that is it! I am so dumb. I was not selecting the method separately for EEG. Thank you!