Process2 tab and Baseline normalization

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We have questions about Process2 tab's Standardize algorithm "Baseline normalization". We would like to know how does it work and what does it do to our data. When we Run command, we often get couple of very high-peaking channels also when we use the completely same file as A and B. If someone could kindly explain the basic working principal behind Baseline normalization that would help us a lot.

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~Joakim96 & Termu

It depends which option you are using.

If you get very high values for some channels, it is because the value that you divide your by is close to zero... Which may indicate a very clean averaged signal or a no signal at all during your baseline.

Note that on sensor data, it is not advised to run anything else but the "Remove DC offset" option.

@Francois Thank you for your fast reply!