Project electrodes to cortex surface?

Hi all,

Is it possible to project electrodes to the cortex surface, similar to how electrodes can be projected to the head surface? (I presume it’s a head surface, because the electrodes are all slightly elevated from the cortex).

Specifically, I am referring to the method in:
MRI Registration -> Edit… (Cortex) -> Project electrodes to surface

More detail:
I am working with intracranial data, and I have imported the electrode locations from Freesurfer, and wish to plot them on the standard cortical surface: ICBM152.

However, many of the electrodes are hidden beneath the cortex due to misalignment issues.
If anyone has any other ideas on how to do this, that would be very helpful.



Hi James,

Start by reading this tutorial:
Some of the tools have not been finalized for ECOG, and the display is still a bit slow, but most of it should work. Set the type of your channels to “ECOG”, then in the panel iEEG, you can project your contacts to the cortex or the inner skull with the drop-down menu “Contacts”.


Hi Francois,

Great, that helped! Is there a way to display both the SEEG and the ECOG on the same brain though? Currently it seems like I have to view them separately.

Also a note for any other users: if importing data from FreeSurfer, don’t use the default brain template in Brainstorm, download the FSAverage brain. This helps a lot with localization.


No, for now ECOG and SEEG can only be displayed separately.