Projection to default anatomy, warning!

Hi Francois,

After estimating the source with MNE for each subject, I want to project the sources to default anatomy for group analysis. I used a script to run the process, which looks as followed:

     file2=dir(fullfile([data_path,'sub1', SubjectNames{1},filesep,'run1_*',filesep,'data_',markername{n_marker},'_average_*.mat']));
    file1=dir(fullfile([data_path,'sub1', SubjectNames{1},filesep,'run1_*',filesep,'results_MN*.mat']));
    % Input files
    % Start a new report
    bst_report('Start', sFiles);       
    sFiles = bst_process('CallProcess', 'process_project_sources', sFiles, [], ...
        'headmodeltype', 'surface');  % Cortex surface
    ReportFile = bst_report('Save', sFiles);
    bst_report('Open', ReportFile);

I got some pop-out warning window complaining about "the projection method is outdated and inaccurate” and without any errors. However, when I right-clicked the source files, -> “Project Sources (1)” -> “Default Anatomy” -> “cortex_15002V”, I did not get the warning. I wondered if any parameter was incorrectly set in my script? And how could I get the scripts or functions when I right-click the files?


PS: the MRI for each subject was transformed with Freesurfer, the brainstorm was the latest one.

The projection to the default anatomy is done by the same function bst_project_sources.m regardless of the method you use (from a script or from the popup menu in the interface).
For one given subject, you should obtain exactly the same results with both procedures.

But I'm not sure about your file selection in your script.
To select files from the database at the beginning of a script, use the selection processes in the "File" menu instead.

Thanks for your reply!

I resolved the problem which was caused by editing scouts. When I edited scout in the interface, a new ‘default anatomy’ file was produced. The function bst_project_sources.m projected the sources to the new file, which lead to the warning! When I changed the default file in the 'default anatomy',the problem was solved.