PSD normalization

I am a beginner in BST. Following a tutorial, I have calculated PSD data for 10 seizure patients across three epoches(A as baseline, B and C as different seizure periods). To compare the differences between B and C states, I currently consider a couple of options: 1) directly conducting non-parametric tests across the three periods, 2) normalizing B and C based on A before performing statistical tests (I am considering using B/C-A directly, but not know if this approach is reasonable). Any suggestions? If I go with option 2, which normalization method should I choose in BST? Please point out any errors if present.

Thanks for posting. Please note, your inquiry doesn't directly relate to using Brainstorm, which is this forum's main focus, but instead pertains to data analysis strategies. I recommend consulting the literature in your field and attempting to replicate published results. Additionally, it would be beneficial to further refine your neuroscience hypotheses since analysis methods are merely tools to explore these hypotheses.