PSD units at the sensors and the sources



I have a question regarding PSD units.

I performed a PSD using Welch method at the sensor and at the source level. However, I'm wondering what are the exact units to be displayed on the colorbar. I saw the PSD units are T^2/Hz, but the different orders of magnitude between sensors and sources make me wonder if I'm misunderstanding something.

Thanks for your help.

Left at the sensor level, right at the source level:
Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 01.57.50

The PSD values, when displayed as power, are in (signal units)^2/Hz, indeed.

MEG sensors: 500 fT = 5*10^-13 T => PSD in the range of 10^-26
What you observe is correct.

For the sources, it depends on the measure that is used.
I guess what you used here is dSPM?

Yes. You are right. I used dSPM.