Questions about using dba to simulate recordings from scouts

Hi Francois,

I want to simulate scalp EEG recordings form dba scouts but I meet some problems. First I select hippocampus scouts in the structures in aseg atlas and merge them with cortex. Then I use “source model option” to create a source model atalas and set all the scouts in this atlas as dba mode. After that I generate a head model based on this new atlas. Then I simulate a genertic signal and try to simulate recordings. But after I click “Simulate > Simulate recordings from scouts” in process, I can’t find source model in the scout list. And using hippocampus scouts in sturcture atlas can’t work. It seems that the induces of the vertices of the selected scouts doesn’t match the head model. On the other hand, setting the hippocampus scouts as surface mode can generate recordings well.

So how can I use dba scouts to simulate recordings? And is the simulation from surface (volume scouts for other deep structures) scouts equivalent to simulation from dba scouts?

Need your help.

Thank you!


I fixed a bug in the simulation process. It was preventing the regions modeled as surfaces to be correctly used for the simulation.

When defining the “Source model atlas”, the option DBA selects a combination of options (volume/surface, constrained/unconstrained). The hippocampus, cortex and cerebellum regions are modeled as surfaces (same as selecting the option “surf”) and all the others are modeled as volumes.

In the options of the process “Simulate recordings from scouts”, you can use the scouts in the atlases “Structures” or “Source models” for the surface regions (so now it should work for the hippocampus). For the volume regions, you need to create a “Volume atlas” and create manually a scout for each region you want to use (not applicable for what you described here, but this way you will understand why not all the different ROIs are handled in the same way)

Please update Brainstorm and try again.


Thanks! This could be very helpful