Reading continuous recording split in multiple BDF files

Dear Brainstorm team,

Is there a way to review a raw recording that has been split (by the acquisition software) into multiple files in BDF format that correspond to successive chunks, as if it was read from a single file?

Thanks in advance for your help,


Yes, this is possible:

  • Create links to all the short BDF files you want to concatenate in the same subject,
  • Select all the "links to raw file" in the correct order in Process1
  • Execute process "Standardize > Concatenate time".

Excellent, thank you @Francois .
I assume this process writes a copy of the concatenated data into one very big file somewhere inside the brainstom_db?

Exactly. The file is saved in Brainstorm binary format (extension .bst) directly the database (in the same folder as the the .mat file representing the "Link to raw file").