Reference to non-existent filed 'meas_date'

Hello, everyone

I used Elekta system to record the MEG data. In my experiment, each subject had three blocks to receive stimulation. Unfortunately, when one subject was in the third block, I forgot to record his head coordinates. I can't load his data to the brainstorm. When I try to import this data, brainstorm show:

Error in in_fopen_fif.m
Line 129:Reference to non-existent filed 'meas_date'
Call stack:

in_fopen_fif.m at 129
in_fopen.m at 68
import_raw.m at 126
bst_call.m at 28
tree_callbacks.m>(h.ez)bst_call(@import_raw,,,iSubject) at 613

May I add the head coordinate (average of the first and second block) to this file?
What can I do?

Thank you very much!

This not something you can do with Brainstorm.
Maybe there are some Elekta tools with which you can do this: copying the head position from one .fif file to another...