Reloading datasets when starting up Brainstorm

Hi all,

I just updated Brainstorm to Version: 31-May-2019.
However I'm trying to start up Brainstorm again, and it is taking forever to reload my datasets.

The current prompt window says ' "<my_protocol_name>": Reloading datasets... ' and it has been 'reloading' for at least 30 minutes now.

I'm terrified that something has gone terribly wrong with my data... Does anyone else have this problem?

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Sometime yeah, I just press ctrl-c in Matlab, close brainstorm and re-open again for a fresh start, never found what was the cause but its not recurrent problem so I didn't really matter. Is your data are all right now?

There was an update of the structure of the database recently, which requires reloading all the protocols.
This can take a while if your database is large (it has to load all the files in the database one by one).
Let it run otherwise you may run into serious trouble.

The reloads that you may cancel, as @mawtyplant suggested, are only the ones for which you had explicitly a question "do you want to reload the database".

If you suspect that Brainstorm crashed and does not do anything anymore, you can check it in two ways: open a resource monitor on your computer and check the processor load for Matlab, or go to the Matlab command window and press the ENTER key.
If Matlab is currently processing something it would write "busy" at the bottom-left corner of the Matlab window, in such case just let it run and take the time it needs.
If it simply returns and shows another prompt (>>) then it means that something happened and Brainstorm is not doing anything anymore. In this case, you should have additional error messages above in the Matlab command window.

Thanks for replying, mawtyplant!

The reloading finally finished after 45 minutes or so, and my data seems fine. As Francois suggested, I think it's because my database is getting quite large.

Hi Francois,

Thank you for the reply. You have allayed my fears about why the reloading of protocols is taking place (when it didn't really happen before the update), as well as why it is taking so long (my database is getting quite large).

I'm wondering if there is some way of 'moving' certain data (e.g., TF analysis output) to a new protocol? I guess I can export certain output to Matlab, but I've not yet tried exporting them and then opening them with a new protocol for the running of stats. Is this possible? Please forgive me if I just asked an incredibly stupid question..

Best regards,

You can easily move an entire protocol to another location: search the forum for help.

Splitting an existing protocol in two is more complicated... Making a full copy and then deleting the extra files is probably easier. Le me know if you would like precise instructions to do this.

Hi Francois,

Yes, in essence I would like to split an existing protocol. Your suggestion of making a full copy and then deleting the extra files is most helpful. In terms of making a full copy, do I first use my file explorer to copy and zip the existing protocol, then open Brainstorm and select Load protocol> Load from zip file?

As always, thank you very much!

You can simply make a copy of the existing protocol folder outside of Brainstorm, using your file explorer. A simple CTRL+C / CTRL+V should do the job.
Then don't zip/unzip your new protocol folder, simply load it with the menu File > Load procotol > Load from folder.

Thanks Francois!