Remove time segments/trials with specific event

Hi Francois

In my data I have presentations of two stimuli followed by a response (one trial). The two stimuli and right and wrong responses all have separate markers (total of 4 markers). When I import epochs I would like to exclude those trials with the wrong response. Is there a way to do this automatically (i.e. mark the whole trial from first stimulus to wrong response)? Currently, I am reviewing the continuous file and manually marking the whole trial as a bad segment.

One solution could be to rename the stim events that are followed by a wrong answer in the continuous files. This way they would not be imported when you epoch your data.
You could use the process Events > Combine stim/response. If you have a stim "stim1" and followed by a response "resp1" which is a wrong answer, you could use something like "stim1_wrong, resp1_wrong, stim1, resp1". It would rename both the stim and the response markers.

Can this work for your problem?

Hi Francois,

Thank you. I will try that. Could you tell me how to re-name specific events? When I double-click on the time-stamp and "edit event" it puts text underneath the marker rather than change the marker name.

Hi Francois,

I misread your answer. I just tried that and it worked. Thank you.

The process "Events > Combine stim/response" matches and renames stim and response markers.

If you want to do it manually, you need to create a new category of events (eg. "stim1_wrong"), select the existing marker to "rename" (click on it in the file viewer or in the list of events in the Record tab), remove it from the old category "stim1" and add it to the new category "stim1_wrong".
Not very convenient, the scripted version would be much faster... You can do this faster with shortcuts (menu "Events > Edit keyboard shortcuts"), associate one key to the good category and one key to the wrong category.